Project Time Management – How to plan your project appropriately

Project Time Management – How to plan your project appropriately

We are glad to welcome you on our web site. You are about to learn what real project time management means and how to make use of it.

Every project’s success depends on how effectively it is planned. So if there are a lot of tasks, which have to be done, scheduling them is the best way and precondition for project time management . To get an overview about your tasks is inevitable. Time management project will help you assisting with your project and put into doable steps.

1. Step:

First of all you should identify your tasks, which means, that you have to break down high level requirements into high-level tasks and then further into activities.


The activities should be identified in the order they are supposed to be executed, which means obviously identifying the task, which has to be done the most urgently.


In this step finding out how many resources are required for your activities. The time you will need to do the tasks, depends on the number of resources.  So the project managing team has great chances in working efficiently, if the number of resources is known.


Now you should find out about the duration and time estimation.  You should choose an estimation mechanism, e.g. WBS based estimating or function points based estimates in this step.

5. Step

Now in observance to the steps before, you can create your schedule. Arranging tasks in regard to duration, activity sequence and the number of sources.  We recommend to use a software for doing this, otherwise you will loose a lot of time doing it manually. You can use e.g. Microsoft project to develop a schedule you can rely on.

6. Step

You should keep in mind, that there might be some changes in regard to the schedule. If you took longer for finishing a task, adapting this to your schedule is important.

Good luck with your time managing project!